Cinderella Escape! R12

cinderella escape

Game: Cinderella Escape! R12

Developer: Hajime Doujin Circle

Publisher: Hajime Doujin Circle

Platform: Steam (PC)

Patch Available: YES

Official Patch: NO

Patch Status: Incomplete (issues reported)

Patch type: R12 to R18 version

Patch URL:

Patch File:

Patch Mirror: Cinderella-Escape-r18


1 Install the game

2 Go to this Steam folder: Steam\steamapps\common\Cinderella Escape! R12\CinderellaEscape!_R12_Data\Managed

3 Replace Assembly-CSharp.dll


According to comments on the patch page, there may have some issues with some features of the game. Please comment on the original patch page to ask questions to the patch author:

The official uncensored version is also available at DLsite: